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Other useful info…

  • We have two taxiways, Alpha and Bravo. Unless you are the MNRF, you will be using Taxiway Alpha.

  • Unless you are Bearskin Airlines, please do not park directly in front of the commercial arrival doors.

  • If you are a charter, Medevac, government (OPP, RCAF), or private plane, please use the side entrance (located beside the Shell sign).

    • As you walk in the side door, the pilot’s lounge is directly to your right.

    • The second door to the rest of the terminal closes at 1900 (7pm) and reopens at 0530 am.

    • If you are looking for food, we recommend calling “Lads Delivery” @ (807) 456-9876. They are open from 11am until 23:00 (11 pm). They deliver virtually all food within town!

      • If you are unsure what to get, a very wise recommendation is the Lake of the Woods Brewery “Kevin Bacon” - You will NOT be disappointed!

      • If you are ordering food after 7pm, we highly recommend meeting them at the access gate as they will not be able to pass you the food!

  • Apron (1) one is for the majority of planes

  • Apron (3) three is for piston tie-downs. (Past the Ornge hangar, onwards and past the blue hangar)

    • To make your way to the terminal, there is a gate in the fencing you walk through. Please do not walk all the way around.

  • If you are unsure of any procedure please call the NAVCan FSS at 122.2 or Shell Frequency at 122.85

If you need further information, use this site provided below.


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Aviation gas used is supplied by Shell with fuelers on site ready to fill on request. We supply the following types:

  • Jet A-1

  • Jet A-1A (additive)

  • Avgas 100 LL